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HIK Micro Lynx Pro 19mm 35mK Smart Thermal Monocular

The HIK Micro Lynx Pro 19mm bridges the gap between the 15mm and 35mm models by introducing many of the features found on the premium models into a more cost effective package.

The Lynx Pro is built on the same compact chassis as the popular, pocket sized 15mm model from HIK Micro but with the key additional feature of a focus ring around the objective lens. This allows you to precisely adjust the image to optimise your view over a wide range of distances.

The Lynx Pro is the first thermal monocular from HIK Micro to use a 384x288px 12µm sensor. This change in pixel pitch boosts your magnification up to 1.8x allowing a detection distance of 897m (Human size target) whilst also helping to reduce the cost of the unit.

HIK have also included the large screen from the 35mm models giving a really clear and easy to use view of your surroundings.

You will also find all of the usual HIK Micro features, 4 colour profiles, digital magnification up to 8x and use the T-Vision App to connect, stream and record to your smart phone.

HIK Micro Lynx Pro 19mm

  • Main

    • Sensor: 384×288px @ 12µm
    • Objective Lens (Focal Length): 19 mm
    • Detection Range (Human 1.8 x 0.5m): 897 m



    • Type: VOx Uncooled Focal Plane Arrays
    • Resolution, pixels: 384 × 288 px
    • Pixel pitch, µm: 12µm
    • Frame rate, Hz: 50 Hz
    • NETD: <35mK


    Thermal Optics

    • Objective lens: F1.0
    • Magnification (Optical): 1.86x
    • Magnification (Digital): 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x
    • Field of view: 13.8° × 10.4° (H × V)



    • Type: 10 mm LCOS
    • Resolution, Pixels: 1280 x 960
    • Colour Palettes: Black Hot, White Hot, Red Hot, Fusion


    Video Recorder

    • Built-in memory, Gb: 8 Gb


    Additional Features

    • Hot Tracking: YES
    • WiFI hot spot: YES
    • T-Vision App support: YES



    • Degree of protection, IP code: IP67
    • Dust protection: Protected against dust ingress
    • Water protection: Protected against temporary submersion in water
    • Operating temperature range: -20 °C to 55 °C


    Weight & Size

    • Dimensions, mm: 171 mm x 61 mm x 57 mm
    • Weight, kg: 0.31 kg


    Power Supply

    • Operating time on battery (WiFi & Hot tracking disabled): 7.5 hours continuous running
    • Charging interface: USB-C
    • Battery capacity after 1000 cycles: 80%


    Warranty Period

    • Main Unit: 3 Years

    Battery: 2 Years